Welcome to my website - Increasing Penis - and true story about my penis enlargement journey

First of all, let me tell you how happy I am to see you here on my website. Since you are visited my website, I'm free to assume you are interested in penis enlargement subject, probably for yourself. If that is true I can tell you one thing: that is exact reason why I made this website in first place - to help others with similar problem of having a penis of unsatisfactory size.
Few years ago, I was just like you... spending hours and hours of my time online, searching for the right answers about penis enlargement and the best ways for increasing penis size.

I was embarrassed about my penis sizeI know how searching about the right anwers related to penis enlargement can be very time consuming and frustrating. I've been there, tried that. That is why I've decided to start my own website about penis enlargement, but only after I passed my whole penis enlargement journey - from being small and unsatisfied with my penis size, to being much bigger and finally totally satisfied with the size of my penis.

This website contains my full story, everything from the start to the end, everything that I've passed and tried, with my exact thoughts about how successful it was for increasing size of my penis.
Some of my choices were pure failure and only my final decision (final product that I've tried) was a real success which gain me permanent results that made me happy and satisfied.
Continue to read my story. I hope it will help you to save your time and money, to make the right choices and to avoid scam products that will only take your money but leave your penis of the same size as you had before. I hope you will be successful in increasing your penis size just like I was.

My Penis Enlargement Story
My journey to increasing penis size started about 18 months ago. I wasn't satisfied with my penis size for ages, since my teenage years when I started with myfirst sexual experiences. From what I've read online and heard from other people, I wasn't small either, an average 6 incher, but I wasn't satisfied with that. I never wanted to be satisfied with being average, in nothing in my life, and especially not in my penis size.

my girlfriends weren't happy with my penis sizeYes, I had girlfriends over that time and sex was average just like my penis size. I think from the size of my penis came my another problem, and that was prematured ejaculation - I just couldn't last long which was upsetting me and it left a very serious mark on all of my relationships and sexual life. I believe the cause of that problem was my insecurity with the size of my penis.

Small penis caused my problems with girls?
I'm also pretty sure that one of the reasons why I break up with all of my girlfriends was the sex life, or to be exact my penis size and insecurity in myself in bed. Of course, they didn't told me that my penis size or my other sexual problem are the reasons for breaking up with me, but I was pretty sure that was the case. Another unpleasant thing that came up from that whole situation was something very bad: I've lost my self confidence! I didn't want to jump in new relationship, especially not in short ones, like one-night stands, or the ones that I knew it's all about sex.

my girlfriends wasn't satisfied with my penis sizeI had some ladies at the time who I met and who looked very hot to me, sexy and for sure I was excited about them and had my fantasies about having sex with them. But then my problem would came to my mind and I was running away from anything serious with those ladies. I was rather masturbating at my home than to have sex with those ladies, because I was too scary about how would that intercourse end and would I satisfy them, make them happy or I would need to go through another stage of blaming myself for doing an awful "job".

When I met one really nice and sweet girl that I really cared about and didn't want to lose her because of anything bad with me, my life or my body, I've decided to take some actions to change my sexual problems. And that is the moment when my quest for increasing penis size started.

Searching for my solution for increasing penis size
First I was locked to my computer and internet for hours each day, looking for every piece of information that I could find about penis enlargement without any side effects. Very soon I've decided to try one of the first products that I came up with, which looked pretty serious and promising. At the moment I wasn't counting that any of the information of several websites could be wrong or fake. Everything looked good and right, I was conviced that is the right product to try. It was penis enlargement patch named Extenze.

I had to wait to get it by mail and when I finally tried it, everything looked good. It was very easy to wear it, it wasn't visible, it wasn't unpleasant, and at the first look I was happy with that product. Now I was just expecting some visible results.

my penis was still smallUnfortunately, results didn't came. At least not in the way I wanted them. That was the moment when I found out that penis enlargement patches don't really work. I won't say that don't work at all, but for sure not in the way I wanted them to work.

Can penis enlargement patches give positive results?
This are the exact changes that I'd notice in the time of wearing Extenze patches: my penis was bigger but it wasn't permament growth and it wasn't significant increase in size. My conclusion was that patches are good for improving your blood circulation which can, in some way, increase your momentary size but you can't keep it that way. And, as I said, increase in size was very small, not even half of inch. I can't say that Extenze patches are bad, they are not. To be honest I find them quite good and useful, because even that patch made a change in my sexual life. On the side with that small increase in penis size, I believe that improvment in blood circulation that this patches do made also changes in the feeling during the intercourse, erections were harder, feeling was better and I could last much longer than usual. When I stopped wearing them, in a week or so everything went back to normal and that I why I think those patches really made some small changes and improvements in my body and my sexual life. So, if you are not really worried about your penis size, but you want to improve your feeling during the intercourse, patches could be a good idea to achieve that, and in that case I can recommend you Extenze patches.

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