Comparision of the Top 3 Penis Enlargement Devices

Since we received various reviews (most of them were very positive) on the three most popular penis enlargement devices Ultimate Stretcher, ProExtender and Jes Extrender, we made a decision to put these 3 penis traction devices to our own test.

Our three randomly selected participants agreed to test them and to give us their opinions, results and reviews based on a few factors: affordability of each traction device, their design, their ability to improve penile curvatures, their medical backing and their capacity to provide permanent penis growth. Testing period was three months and each participant tested each penis enlargement device for a period of one month.

After analyzing their results, opinions and reviews, we compiled this comparision of the three most popular penis enlargement devices on the market.


The winner of this test, the number 1 penis enlargement device
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

All of our participants named ProExtender as the best penis traction device from this test. That wasn't a big surprise for us because we already know how famous ProExtender is, and how much positive testimonials there is for this penis enlargement device. Not just from this test, ProExtender has got a big dose of credibility from being tested and triedn by famous GQ Magazine and on Channel4's „Extreme Male Beauty“. Similar to the reviews of GQ Magazine and Channel4, our participants very soon noticed a significant (positive) difference in the size of their penises and its muscular strength.

After just two weeks of wearing the ProExtender device, they were able to last longer during sexual intercourse, as well as be able to hold their erections for a longer time and to enjoy in more satisfying orgasms. All participants agreed that the ProExtender device helped them to boost their blood flow, stamina and sex drive.

But, those was not only positive experiences they have got. In a month of wearing the ProExtender device, they have gained permanent penis growth of 1.20 inches in lenght and 0.50 inches in girth. Also, they experienced a correction of their penile curvatures of up to 35%.

These results only proven what clinical trials have shown before, as well as testimonials from other ProExtender consumers – ProExtender device is able to permanently increase the penis length by up to 3 inches, and the penis girth by up to 1 inch.

Because of such a good and very positive results, there is no doubt why ProExtender device is the number one penis enlargement device on the market. Not only you can gain permanent increase of penis length and girth, you can also cure modern day diseases like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. That was also proven by clinical trials and user testimonials.

Our participants used the ProExtender Ultimate system which is slightly more expensive than the basic system, but the Ultimate system comes with some extras, including a very valuable additions like enlargement exercise DVD, two sex improvement DVDs and completely free access to Penis Health program. Because of all those valuable additions, ProExtender Ultimate system is worth that extra investment because you get fantastic extra value for your money.

Jes Extrender

Ranked number 2 on our penis enlargement devices test
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Jes Extender was originally designed and presented as a post op treatment device for penis enlargement surgery. These days Jes Extender is a well known brand in this niche. Because of that is easily the priciest of the three traction devices put on this test.

But, we will put the price away here because that was not part of this test. Our participants were in general satisfied with this penis enlargement device but still their results with Jes Extender was a little below results with the ProExtender device. Our participants experienced an increase of their penis length on average by 0.80 inches, although one of the participants managed to get an increase of 1.80 inches.

All thee participants made the highest ratings for the quality of this traction devices, which is, in our opinion also, very remarkable. Jes Extender is made of Medical Type 1 materials and meets all CE standards. That ensures customers will at all time of usage of this penis enlargement device experience continued quality.

All participants also reported an increased sense of virility, as well as thicker, harder and longer erections. Jes Extender also shown its ability to improve penile curvatures, but it was also a little below the ProExtender device. Jes Extender's results were around 30% of peni curvature correction.

Jes Extender earned number 2 spot in our penis enlargement devices test with a valid reasons, and although the results are a little below the ProExtender device, Jes Extender is still a highly recommendable traction device.

Ultimate Stretcher

Number 3 penis enlargement device
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Ultimate Stretcher is for a valid reasons the most affordable of these three penis enlargement devices. Althought its quality is very near to the quality of first two devices, Ultimate Stretcher was the slowest traction device at producing results which was a way below the first two devices.

All three participants worn Ultimate Stretcher for two hours each day (which is on average the double time than with ProExtender) and managed to get only 0.5 inches increase in penis length. That is more than a half inch less than with the ProExtender device in much less time.

Still, Ultimate Stretcher provides the positive results which is the reason why it is rated pretty good. The other reason for good ratings is the quality of the device. Ultimate Stretcher is also made from the Medical Type 1 materials and fully according to CE standards.

Similar two other two penis traction devices, Ultimate Stretcher was able to provide all the participants with increased stamina levels, better, longer and harder erections, penile curvature correction of 20%, and as a threatment to premature ejaculation.

If you are looking for the best and fastest results, this device is not recommendable, but we can recommend it as a budget option for those who are struggling in these hard financial times. You will get the results with this traction device too, but it will take you a much more time to get the results you want.

Summary & Conclusion

With no doubt we can conclude that all three of tested penis enlargement devices are of the greatest quality, made of medically approved materials and according to CE standards, and all three have got the clinical data based on trials that prove the consistency of their results.

While the quality of the devices is not in question, results were the basic factor on which we made our decision. According to results we have got from this test, the ProExtender device is by far the best one from those three tested penis traction devices.

Results from the ProExtender device were simply astounding:

- Increase of penis length and girth of around 30%
- Correction of penile curvature of around 38%
- Great increase of blood flow which results in improvement of sexual stamina and erection strength

Also, if we combine all the additions that come with the best ProExtender package (three exercise DVD's and free access to Penis Health), this is the most affordable penis enlargement device with the quickest and the most impressive results compared to the other devices.

Final rankings of tested penis enlargement devices:ProExtender – 5 / 5 stars
Jes Extender – 4 / 5 stars
Ultimate Stretcher – 3.5 / 5 stars