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OK, lets continue with my story of my increasing penis journey.
As I said, penis enlargement patches didn't do the job, so I was on the start again, and again I've locked myself to my computer and internet for hours and days searching for another way to increase my penis size. I tell you, this time was much harder to make a decision for any of products offered because I was already familiar with failure.

I've got many recommendations to try penis enlargement pumps, but since I also found dozens of testimonials how pumps are pretty bad way to go, even with possibilites to harm yourself, I've decided to avoid them and didn't want to try them at any costs. I was searching for something else, something that would work, something that would be as much natural as possible.
Then I've found out about Penis-Health. It was natural penis enlargement exercises program that looked pretty good with only good testimonials and pretty much of them. I felt this must to be it! So I decided to join the site and to try what they have to offer.

Finally something that was promising
From Penis-Health I've got a lot of resources and instructions about various techniques and exercises made specially for penis size increasing. I also ordered their DVD and some special instructions on all the exercises they have there and really gave myself into it. I wanted it to work and was very dedicated to succeed with the instructions from this penis enlargement program.
Exercises were quite a fun, not painful and some of them felt pretty good. It wasn't a problem to do them all, and after some time you don't have to look videos or read the instructions to do them. I've remembered them pretty quick and was able to do them everywhere. Of course, you can't do them in the park, in the bus or similar, you need to be alone because you need to be naked.

Results were much better than with penis enlargement patches. I've gained around half of inch of permanent increase in length and significant increase in penis girth, which made my girlfriend very happy. Also, I'm sure that those exercises made some improvements to my blood circulation in that area which results with the similar things like with patches - better feelings, longer and harder erections and basic improvements to my sex life. Premature ejaculations were not the problem that much anymore, I felt like that problem is kinda solved, although they still happen now and then.

Although results were quite good and I was finally happy with some improvements to my situation with the size of my penis, I wasn't fully satisfied with the results. I felt like those results could be much better, so after that first month of exercising I've continued to do exercises heavily because I was expecting to at least double those results in the next month and gain more improvements to my penis size. Well, I was wrong about that. Month passed by and my penis was still at the same (increased) size. At least I was sure that improvements gain by those exercises are permanent, and I was happy with improvements to the girth of my penis. But I wanted more. I wanted to get at least to the 7 - 8 inches in length.

That was not enough - I needed more!
I've started to lurk around Penis-Health's website, checked their message board for their members, checked some links they had there and start to collect more information about possible improvements to their penis enlargement exercises program.

After some time, I've found a guy who was very pleasant to me, we talked a lot about each others situations, techniques we did to increase the size of our penises, results, improvements, etc. In those conversations he told me about one new product he is trying, it was penis enlargement device called Proextender. It was a little bit expensive to buy so we agreed to wait for his results before I go on and buy it. I've decided to wait with further decisions for a month to let him try that penis enlargement device and to see his results. If they would be good, I will risk that money and buy it. About two weeks later while we talked, he told me that results are simply amazing and improvements were obvious - he gained one inch in penis length and he also said his girth is bigger. That gave me new hopes and I've decided to try this Proextender device.

Well, that was my first really good decision in this increasing penis quest. The ProExtender device was expensive but since I already invested a lot of money and my time in this, I've decided to take that risk, especially when I heard about the good results that Tim had (that is the name of my friend). I had to wait for some time before ProExtender device came to my home address, and that is because I'm in Croatia and it takes some time for mail and packet to come here, especially from USA. I was very excited about this new device that I was ready to try.

Final part of my increasing penis journey >>>

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