Welcome to my website - Increasing Penis - and true story about my penis enlargement journey

OK, so here is the final part of my increasing penis journey.

So, I've received my ProExtender device and I was ready to try it, full of hope to gain similar results and improvement like my friend Tim. Device was cool looking, interesting, although at the first few sights I couldn't believe that such a "thing" could give me some serious results. It looked amazing but I was already there and there was no way back, so I start to wear it as they advised in their recommendations and instructions.
I must say here that both Penis-Health and ProExtender device came with full and detailed instructions, which is very great if you ask me. You don't need to think about anything, everything is there, well explained and there is no chance to do something wrong.

Wearing the ProExtender device - my feelings
In the first few days the feeling while I was wearing it was kinda strange. You really need to get used to that device being locked to your penis and you need to wear it around in that state. But after some time, maybe a week or so, I was slowly getting used to that, and I was able to wear it around the house, even under my pants withtout any problems.

I think you will understand me if I tell you how sceptic I was about the results. I was afraid to even check if my penis is bigger after first week of wearing the device.
When I looked to my penis it did look bigger and I was almost sure that my girth is bigger, but I was still afraid to measure it and see the real results.

One evening, around four months from the start of wearing it, my girlfriend broke the ice and decided to check how I'm doing with that "thing" between my legs (she liked to call ProExtender device that way). Well, results were impressive! I was above 7 inches at that time and my girth also increased! I was very happy with those results and my girlfriend was happy to. You bet she shown me her happiness. ;-)

Results were there - I was happy!
Full of happiness with my improvements I had to call him back and tell him that this device really works. He just smilled to me and let me know he already gained more than 2,5 inches with this device so he for sure knows it really works.

I've decided to wear it for 2 more months as they said in the instructions and on their website, and I hoped to gain the length I always wanted - 8 inches in that time. I must say that feeling of happiness about my achievements made me a much easier to take those 2 more months and to wait for the new results. It also made me easier to feel confidence enough to check for the improvements more often, which I did, of course, and I could see my progress every week or so. I was going up and that was great! That made me really happy and satisfied.

Two months gone - my results are growing!
After two more months I was a little below 8 inches in length and that is when I've decided to stop wearing the device, to give it a break and to see if those increases in my penis size will stay permanent. One week passed by and there was no changes to my increased size, so I've decided it's permanent and I could finally start to fully enjoy in my "new" increased penis. I don't need to tell you that my girlfriend was happy with my results too, and she also loved my "new" penis as well.
I could also fell that my self-confidence is coming back. I was less stressed during the intercourse than ever before, and enjoyed much more than ever before. I was finally happy with my equipment and my sexual life.

Although I was fully satisfied with my results, I've decided to continue with exercises from Penis-Health program as they couldn't do anything bad but could only help to make myself feel better and to hold those fabulous increases that I've gained with ProExtender device.

After a year I'm not wearing ProExtender device any more
Now, after almost a year after I stopped wearing ProExtender device, increases to my penis size are still permanent, nothing has changed and I'm still happy with my penis size. I feel like: now I have the real and normal penis size, and that way my dream from always.

In the mean time, I've decided to start this website, to tell people about my story, about my penis enlargement journey in hope that I will help someone with my experience and my advices. If nothing more, I can say you what really works and what doesn't work. That should save you a lot of time and money if you are in the similar situation like I was and looking for the same results.

Although ProExtender device is a little bit expensive, especially if you add membership to Penis-Health website on top of that, but I assure you - this device is worth every cent it costs because it really do the job, opposite to other penis enlargement techniques that could cost you the same amount of money but without any serious results. The good news are that from some time ago Penis-Health membership is included in the price of ProExtender so you don't need to pay twice and more - you get everything for one price. I would love to know that when I was buying Penis-Health membership.

Conclusion of my increasing penis journey
To conclude this story, ProExtender device is a must have if you want to increase your penis size! You will hear that from me, but from others too because ProExtender is a well known penis enlargement device with the most positive user's testimonials than any other penis enlargement technique. That is something I've found out later when I was making additional searches about ProExtender and Penis-Health program.

As you can see below, ProExtender is not a hype. It has a huge list of fans and consumers with positive results. It's also featured at Channel4, seen on BBC with Jonathan Ross, featured in GQ Magazine, the number 1 magazine for men, and much more.

To give you all that information on top of my story, I've included all those stories here on this website, plus few of hundreds positive testimonials from real SizeGenetic's users like me and Tim.
I've also included pretty nice and cool Size Calculator which should give you some basic ideas what you could expect from the ProExtender device. There are also some cool videos about the ProExtender device itselfs which explain in details how ProExtender device really works. I think you will find those videos very interesting.

I hope you will have good results with your increasing penis quest, just like I did, and full credits for my great results and bigger penis can only go to the great ProExtender device. That is my recommendation for you if you want to improve your penis size. This device really works and I can prove that, and guarantee that with my life!

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