ProExtender Testimonials from real consumers

Joe's Testimonial
By reading Joe's testimonial we can see that he was one of the many people who got scammed by penis enlargement pills and some other methods that don't really work. We was happy with the feeling while wearing ProExtender device, and with only 3-4 hours of wearing it per day he saw results after 3 weeks, that's really impressive. Joe's improvements are pretty obvious since he provided before and after photos, but we can see that he gained about 1.75 inches in erect size. I would say that are pretty impressive results.

Richard's Testimonial
Richard's testimonial tell us a very different story. He was pretty big before he started to wear ProExtender device (around 7 inches). Now, 4 months after, his penis size is more than 8.5 inches wich is great results. He went from a normal penis size to extra large size, and now he is using XL condoms size! What to say about that? Pretty impressive. I'm sure his girlfriend (or wife) is happy with those results.